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  • The Inner East Youth Project and the Base trace their roots back to 1996.
  • We were founded when a group of individuals and representatives of voluntary and statutory agencies met to discuss their concerns about the state of youth provision in East Belfast.
  • The project has since sought to initiate, develop, facilitate and support the process by which the inter-relationship between young people and the adult community in inner East Belfast takes place.
  • Whilst many things have changed since 1995 we continue to provide a vital capacity building cross community service.

The IEYP exists primarily for the benefit of, and is accountable to, all the young people and the community of inner East Belfast.


Having grown up and lived my life in working class inner city East Belfast, I have first hand experiences of the challenges life can present to young people in communities where money and opportunities are rare. It can be easy for a young person to give up hope, fall into the depths of poverty, turn to drugs and alcohol and even crime within this environment. It is also very easy for young people not to pursue their goals or realise their talent because of lack of self esteem, low aspirations or lack of opportunities. The challenges faced by young people today are hard, if not harder, than they were when I was growing up here in East Belfast.

The Inner East Youth Project provides a safe and supportive environment for young people to develop their social skills, sporting or cultural talents, build friendships and achieve their goals.

The people who work at Inner East Youth Project – volunteers and paid staff alike – provide a range of support for young people, acting as coach, mentor, teacher, and more.

Through my own experiences I know this support and advice can make a huge difference in the choices young people make as they grow into adulthood. It is these experiences that have directed myself to the work I do with Inner East Youth Project.

Raymond Laverty, DipHE.BSc.FDSc. Team Leader Inner East Youth Project.


 Established in 1996, Inner East Youth Project has developed a successful relevant partnership between young people, parents, schools, agencies, volunteers and staff. 

Inner East Youth Project programmes aim to provide young people growing up in inner east Belfast with the skills and opportunities they need to improve their social, physical and economic environment, and operate within a holistic community and personal development framework.

Mission Statement

Through initiating developing and delivering a range of high quality educational initiatives we aim to work in partnership with young people, making it possible for them to articulate their own needs and establish structures suitable to those needs.

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IEYP – the Base – in partnership with young people